Traprain Consulted on Arbitration (Scotland) Bill 2009

August 31 2009

As discussed in Traprain’s Newsletters, Scotland is in the process of modernising its law of Arbitration, both domestic and international. Scotland (unlike England and Wales) had adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law on Arbitration, but this has only been used a very limited number of times. The domestic law was generally considered to be unsatisfactory for a modern jurisdiction.

Efforts have been made to update the law over many years, but, following a number of false starts, a draft Arbitration (Scotland) Bill was introduced into the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh in 2009.

Traprain was consulted on the Bill by the Scottish Government’s Justice Department, and has also provided input into Focus Groups on the Bill.

If you think that arbitration in Scotland could be a useful method for resolving disputes, please contact Peter Foreman on Peter is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.